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"Jeffrey Hodge (A275835) does not deserve to see the light of day. He took a young Melissa Herstrum’s life away with no remorse. This sorry excuse for a human being should without hesitation, be incarcerated for the rest of his life! Melissa had a bright future ahead of her. This man new what he was doing, so he chose his life to be behind bars. That is where he belongs. Don’t fail her family."

"Do not release Jeffrey Hodge!

This man should not be on the streets! I went to UT at that time and now I have a daughter of that age! No way!"

"Do not allow parole for Jeffrey Hodge

I was on campus but didn’t really know Melissa. I do remember being horrified and scared to be on campus. This senseless killing should not be for naught. Do not allow him to kill again “for no reason.”"

"I remember the call I got from my daughter who could hardly speak. No mother, no father, no one should ever have to experience that loss. Prayers for the Herstrum family …and life without parole for her murderer."

"It is unthinkable that this violent and reckless person should be granted parole. Under no circumstances should a person of this liability be released into society to create more evil crimes against the innocent. A person with no remorse or conscious is not rehabilitatable. I have known this family for years and have witnessed their suffering and grief. I see firsthand all the countless life’s this mindless act has impacted. For the safety and sanity of every community this hardened confession criminal should stay behind bars for life!!!!!"

"Jeffrey Hodge kidnapped and killed a young woman for, as he said, “no reason,” and when asked why he shot her 14 times, responded with, “anger, explosive anger.” I can’t imagine any reason it would be safe or fair to allow someone like this to be a member of society."

"Jeffrey Hodge stole a life from a beautiful person inside and out. He deserves to remain incarcerated for his violent and senseless actions. Please do not grant him parole."

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